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Kijk nu exclusief naar de concertfilm van Amenra: DIXMUDE 14-18

Amenra heeft een exclusief cadeautje voor jullie!

De heersers van de Staalhard 100 hebben in 2018 een concertfilm opgenomen in Diksmuide getiteld: DIXMUDE 14-18

Lennart Bossu, gitarist van Amenra zei: 'On July 20th 2018 we were part of a commemoration of the end of WWI in Diksmuide, a town in a particularly war-stricken region of Flanders. 
We set up on the town square and played to a specially commissioned video backdrop made by visual artist Tine Guns, a long-time collaborator to our band.
We also had the honour to have renowned butoh dancer Imre Thormann with us on stage for a part of the show. New music was written for this occasion, and this would later turn into the songs Ogentroost and Voor Immer, thereby directly planting the seeds for what would become our latest album, De Doorn.
Above all, it was a confronting look at our past and present, with a glimmer of new found hope at the end of the tunnel.
We now humbly offer those who could not be there a glimpse into this unique evening.'

Bekijk DIXMUDE 14-18 exclusief een maand lang enkel en alleen bij Willy!