Oliver sim press 2022

Elien belt met Oliver Sim van The XX

Gisteren mocht Elien bellen met Oliver Sim, de bassist van The XX!

Elien mocht hem bellen naar aanleiding van zijn eerste solo single 'Romance With A Memory'.

Sim liet weten:' I’m thrilled, excited, ecstatic, overcaffeinated and overjoyed to be sharing “Romance with a Memory” with you all. Terrifyingly, this is the first song I’ve ever released under my own name, I really hope you all enjoy it. Produced by my dear older brother Jamie xx. I’ve also made a compilation of some of my favourite monsters, killers and queers getting down. I hope both the music and monsters make you feel as happy as they make me—I cannot tell you how much joy it brings me to watch a ghoul having a good time. P.S. still very much in a loving and happy relationship/band with Romy and Jamie.'

De laatste plaat van The XX 'I See You', dateert alweer van 2017.

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